This register (index) is a free service for anyone in Norway that owns a Fiat or Bertone X1/9. The register is a sub department of NSK - the Norwegian Sports car Club

At the moment there are about eighty cars in the X1/9 register, plus about twenty rumors about other cars. Models range from 1973 to 1989. Some absolutely original, some with hot engines and some with modifications at the bodywork. Some of the owners use their cars all the year round, but most drive their cars only in the summertime. Each spring (2nd sunday in May) you should visit the "NSK Vårmønstringen" (the NSK Spring Meeting) in Oslo. Of about seven hundred sports cars from all over Norway, there's always some X1/9s...

The register is not a separate club and have no separate meetings. We recommend membership in NSK - the Norwegian Sports car Club, but you can enter your car for the register anyway because the register is of cars (and their owners), not owners (and their cars)! When we register a new car in the register, we send the owner some sheets of paper about part suppliers, X1/9 clubs, the complete index files and other useful informations.

You can enter your car (Norwegian owned X1/9s only!) to the register by giving me some informations about your car here, send me an e-mail (, postal mail (Svein Erling Lode, Romemyra 37 A, NO-7091 Tiller) or phone me at (+47) 72 89 27 77.

Last update 2005-02-05